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Camp Coco Programs

All our programs are grounded on the science and art of psychology integrated with wellness supportive activities that can be easily practiced from home. Our programs use tools such as storytelling, self-soothing techniques, reflections, movement, art, and many more to elevate your wellbeing experiences. We keep our programs simple and accessible for all.

Spartan Adventures

For the seeker of the unexpected journey within. An adventure of self-discovery and purpose set in the great outdoors with only the basic necessities that will take you out of your comfort zone. Perfect for teams and big groups. Coming Soon.

Workplace Themed Adventures

For professionals on-the-go, we bring a customized team adventure to your workplace inspired by your company's brand and values. Perfect for start up and corporate groups seeking to improve support, cohesion, and teamwork within the organization. Group bookings are available.

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Wellness Retreats

For the mind, body, heart, and spirit that needs to take a step back to disconnect from the world and reconnect with the self. Perfect for those looking for a quick getaway to immerse in self-love with guided activities on managing emotional distress, letting go, gratitude, and renewing inspiration. Runs for 1-2 days (face to face) and 3 hours (online). Group bookings are available.

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Wellness Classes

For those who need to push the pause button to work on mental wellness needs and take steps to prioritize well-being and self-care practices. Wellness classes provide a tool kit of techniques and practices you can easily try at home to create a mindful routine. Runs for about 2-3 hours (face to face) and 1-1.5 hours (online). Group bookings are available. One-on-one private classes available at the Therapy Club.

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