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Calm and Comfort Box

Calm and Comfort Box

This box is perfect for those seeking for moments of calm and stillness. A self-soothing experience with a cup of handcrafted flower tea , the scent of lavender, roasted cashews for the perfect sleep food, and the relaxing aroma of the ginger balm to calm the nerves and relieve stress.


Calm & Comfort Box Inclusions:

Featured Product: 1 Calm Balm by Nature Paradise

This calm balm helps soothe cramping muscles by alleviating inflammation while soothing the digestive system as well. Best known to ease nausea and tummy aches. Distinct warm and spicy scent that helps with an extra energy boost. Made from a carefully selected blend of beeswax and natural oils including nourishing coconut oil, almond oil, minty peppermint oil and pure essential oils ready to soothe you in your humble homes and wherever you go.


1 Lavender Mini Bouquet (Blue) by Flowers by Namu

Naturally dried lavender mini bouquet to brighten up your day. Calm, graceful, familiar — these are attributes that best describe this timeless bloom.


1 Farm Roasted Cashews by Seven Mountains (CURRENTLY NOT AVAILABLE)

These are whole size, ready-to-eat cashews from Palawan, naturally roasted without preservatives (no oil/salt) to bring out its natural crunch and creaminess. The perfect late night snack food for the heart.


2 Handcrafted flower tea balls

Delicately handcrafted tea balls with exotic flavors. One tea ball can infuse a variety of exciting flavors and can serve up to one litre of water. Add a teaspoon of honey or any kind of sweetener to your liking. All Daily Mood boxes come with cards that increase your awareness on intentional wellbeing and essential self-care.

  • A unique experience for you, created for all.

    Your self-love journey starts with a step and Daily Mood is all about kickstarting your moment of pause for your well deserved/necessary rest, reflection, and recalibration.

    Daily Mood is created and curated by Camp Coco --- intentional well-being in a box for your moment of pause. From a mix of handcrafted flower tea, rejuvenating serums and balms, hand-poured candles, flowers and yoga class passes and more.

    Rest isn't a luxury. It's essential.


    Strictly no cancellation, no return and no refund once order/s has been placed. Once your order/s has been paid and confirmed, Camp Coco then automatically sends them out accordingly and you agree that you will pay its shipping fee/s via third-party courier. We won’t be responsible for damages upon delivery so there won’t be any replacements as well. Rest assured we’ll do our best to get your packages well and in good condition. Thank you.


    All essential and premium boxes curated by Daily Mood are assembled upon request. It takes 3-5 business days for assembly before preparing for shipping and delivery. We will notify you once your box is ready for delivery.

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