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Welcome to the Therapy Club


Hi, I’m Coco! I founded Camp Coco in 2018 while I was working at a residential treatment center in Tagaytay city where I received most part of my clinical experience and practice. I wanted to create experiences and services that were short-term, accessible and practical to those who may only need a consultation or two or five and professional support that is not as intensive but are also evidence-based and effective.  


I initially launched Camp Coco with wellness classes and retreats, both online and in-person. While we would like to continue offering this to groups, looking at the demand and the rise of mental health issues, we are repackaging our services and focusing on what our community at Camp Coco seeks — one on one services and experiences with mental health and well-being that are appropriate according to your own needs, preferences, and level of commitment.


One of our priorities in this roll out is to uphold the value of providing quality services over quantity of clients. In this new chapter of Camp Coco, we finally and officially introduce to you —  THERAPY CLUB.

As a club member, you get access to mental health resources that are appropriate to your needs.


​Let’s start where you are at The Therapy Club.


All our programs are grounded on the science and art of psychology integrated with wellness supportive activities that can be easily practiced from home.

Wellness Classes

A 1-1.5 hour program designed to intentionally work on well-being needs, create a lifestyle prioritizing self-care practices, introduce techniques that can be practiced at home, and begin the habit of a regular check in on mental health and wellness.

Mindful Days Wellness Retreat

A mindful getaway to disconnect from the everyday world and reconnect with the self through reflections, nature healing, movement, and creative expression.

Custom Mental Health and Wellness Programs

Camp Coco is all about creating innovative and accessible mental health and well-being programs, activities and products. We can help you create and curate an individualized program and/or product that works best for you and your group.

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